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 New year new season:) Cold weather has arrived in January of 2017!






2016 icecold winter is here! New galleries:  Black bacground and Fern types are available!



NEW GALLERY! Cold ice photos from one of the most fantastic place of the Earth ICELAND!

Click on the pic!


One of the warmest winters we have had nowadays. 2012-2013 years were not the best for icemacros.  But! I had one little bit cold ( -8 degrees) night in 2014 January when I could take some pics. Find them in the gallery "On glass".

Also some new trials in the new menu: "Snowflakes".



I would like to have a separated webpage - next to my original site - dedicated to one of my favorite themes: the different forms and patterns of ice. I have taken photos about frozen patterns from 2010. I discovered a fantastic detailed world of macro ice forms. I built a little glass stuff in my garden and I have begun to look for iceflowers and other ice patterns everywhere and on every kind of surfaces.


In my Hungarian blog I wrote about my first experiences with ice patterns.

The google translated versions are here:


Frozen games 1

Frozen games 2

Little more ice















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    2017-01-10 22:34:02

    New photos in Patterns and black background. 

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